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image 1 Benny's BBQ in Niceville, Florida offers award winning and celebrity endorsed Bar-B-Que.  Benny's has won numerous awards, plaques, and trophies in local, state, and regional competitions, including Grand Champion of the Texas Fest in 2010.  Celebrity endorsements range from Kenny Rogers, Blake Shelton, Charlie Daniels, former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings and The Gatlin Brothers!

Benny's BBQ cooks the old fashion way — slow cooked with less heat over an extended period of several hours in a smoker flavored with hickory, oak, and pecan hardwood fueled by mesquite charcoal.  Barbeque is a method for cooking food in the hot smoke of a wood fire fueled by charcoal.  To grill is to cook in this manner quickly, while barbecue is typically a much slower method utilizing less heat than grilling, attended to over several hours.

Add in Benny's award winning sauce which enhances its BBQ ribs, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ beef, smoked turkey, and chicken and you have a meal you soon not forget!  We serve BBQ sandwiches, sandwich combos, plates, BBQ by the pound, or by the slab.

Benny's BBQ also serves hamburgers, cheeseburgers, wing plate, hot dog, sausage sub, smoked pork chop sandwich, PhiIly Beef Steak sandwich, and BBQY2 chicken plate.

Enjoy lunch or dinner, and eat inside or outside!

Benny's BBQ catering offers your wedding reception, corporate event or private party a special flavoring your guests will always remember.

Call us at 850-460-9011 to order take out!

Call ahead or bring the family and grab a family pack with more meat, sides, garlic bread, and sauce you can eat!  Eat here, take out, or ask about delivery!

Stuffed baked potato, salads, homemade potato salad, BBQ beans, Cole slow, Brunswick stew, baked potato, sweet baked potato, onion rings, crispy French fries, and garlic bread are available.

Call us at 850-460-9011 to order take out! View our MENU online!

Benny's BBQ serves the Niceville, Valparaiso, Fort Walton Beach, Eglin Air Force Base, Crestview, Hurlburt Air Field, and Destin areas.

Short history of BBQ in the South

image 2 In the southern United States, barbecue initially revolved around the cooking of pork.  During the 19th century, pigs were a low-maintenance food source that could be released to forage for themselves in forests and woodlands.  When food or meat supplies were low, these semi-wild pigs could then be caught and eaten.

It was the Spanish who first introduced the pig into the Americas and to the American Indians.  The Indians, in turn, introduced the Spanish to the concept of true slow cooking with smoke.  The Spanish colonists came to South Carolina in the early 16th century and settled at Santa Elena.  It was in that early American colony that Europeans first learned to prepare and to eat "real" barbecue.

According to estimates, prior to the American Civil War, Southerners ate around five pounds of pork for every one pound of beef they consumed.  Because of the poverty of the southern United States at this time, every part of the pig was eaten immediately or saved for later (including the ears, feet, and other organs).  Because of the effort to capture and cook these wild hogs, pig slaughtering became a time for celebration, and the neighborhood would be invited to share in the largesse.  In Cajun culture, these are called boucheries.  These feasts are sometimes called 'pig pickin's.' The traditional Southern barbecue grew out of these gatherings.

Each Southern locale has its own particular variety of barbecue, particularly concerning the sauce.  North Carolina sauces vary by region; eastern North Carolina uses a vinegar-based sauce, the center of the state enjoys Lexington-style barbecue, which uses a combination of ketchup and vinegar as their base, and western North Carolina uses a heavier ketchup base.  Lexington boasts of being The Barbecue Capital of the World" and it has more than one BBQ restaurant per 1,000 residents.  South Carolina is the only state that includes all four recognized barbecue sauces, including mustard-based, vinegar-based, and light and heavy tomato-based.  Memphis barbecue is best known for tomato- and vinegar-based sauces.  In some Memphis establishments and in Kentucky, meat is rubbed with dry seasoning (dry rubs) and smoked over hickory wood without sauce; the finished barbecue is then served with barbecue sauce on the side.

The barbecue of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee is almost always pork served with a sweet tomato-based sauce. However, several regional variations exist as well.  Alabama is particularly known for its distinctive white sauce, a mayonnaise- and vinegar-based sauce, originating in northern Alabama, used predominantly on chicken and pork.  A popular item in North Carolina and Memphis is the pulled pork sandwich served on a bun and often topped with coleslaw.  Pulled pork is prepared by shredding the pork after it has been barbecued.

Kansas City-style barbecue is characterized by its use of different types of meat (including pulled pork, pork ribs, burnt ends, smoked sausage, beef brisket, beef ribs, smoked/grilled chicken, smoked turkey, and sometimes fish), a variety attributable to Kansas City's history as a center for meat packing in the U.S. Hickory is the primary wood used for smoking in KC, while the sauces are typically tomato based with sweet, spicy and tangy flavor profiles.  Burnt ends, the flavorful pieces of meat cut from the ends of a smoked beef or pork brisket, are popular in many Kansas City-area barbecue restaurants.

Pit-beef prevails in Maryland and is often enjoyed at large outdoor "bull roasts", which are common for club or association fundraising events.  Maryland-style pit-beef is not the product of barbecue cookery in the strictest sense, as there is no smoking of the meat involved; rather, it involves grilling the meat over a high heat.  The meat is typically served rare, with a strong horseradish sauce as the preferred condiment.

image 3

The state of Kentucky, particularly Western Kentucky, is unusual in its barbecue cooking, in that the preferred meat is mutton.  This kind of mutton barbecue is often used in communal events in Kentucky, such as political rallies, county fairs and church fund-raising events.

In much of the world outside of the American South, barbecue has a close association with Texas.  Many barbecue restaurants outside the United States claim to serve "Texas barbecue", regardless of the style they actually serve.  Texas barbecue is often assumed to be primarily beef.  This assumption, along with the inclusive term "Texas barbecue", is an oversimplification.  Texas has four main styles, all with different flavors, different cooking methods, different ingredients, and different cultural origins.

Products & Services

Benny's BBQ restaurant offers both lunch and dinner.  BBQ ribs, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ beef, Smoked Turkey, and BBQ pulled pork are served as sandwiches, sandwich combos, or plates.  Benny's BBQ also offers hamburgers, cheeseburgers, wing plate, hot dog, sausage sub, smoked pork chop sandwich, PhiIly Beef Steak sandwich, and a BBQ 1/2 chicken plate.  The smokers also slow cooks BBQ by the pound, 1/2 chickens, whole chickens, whole turkeys, 14 slab of ribs, and whole slab of ribs.

Family packs of meat, ribs, chicken, sides, garlic bread and sauce are available.  Sides include homemade potato salad, BBQ baked beans, Cole slaw, Brunswick stew, baked potato, onion rings, sweet baked potato and crispy French fries. Don't forget our salads and garlic bread!

Benny's BBQ catering offers your wedding reception, corporate event or private party a special flavoring your guests will always remember.

Benny's offers deliver!  Ask us.

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